Azuki Adds DEBORAH IS MY RIVAL, The Mermaid Prince, & More Manga Titles

Azuki announced that it has added nine more manga series and eight one-shots from Media Do International and MediBang! to its digital library. The latest additions are part of a deal to add over 150 series from both publishers throughout 2023. 

The 17 total manga series include titles such as DEBORAH IS MY RIVAL, Love Me, My Knight, Hachi/Ritsu, The Mermaid Prince, and Flower Demon Door of the Sakaimeya. All are now available on the Azuki website and mobile iOS and Android apps. 

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Here are the full details for each of the latest additions to Azuki: 


Story and art: Kaoru Tada 

deborah is my rival volume one cover
© Kaoru Tada


The handsome blonde boy next door goes by “Deborah”. 

As a first-year student at her new University, Asayo is scared to be on her own until she encounters the beautiful boy living next door. He says he’s a girl on the inside and wants to enter a fake relationship – he comes from a very traditional family famous for their tea ceremonies and wants to get out of an arranged marriage to a stranger. Asayo accepts but finds herself growing closer with the mysterious “Deborah”.

Will they end up finding themselves to be more than just friends in this not-so-straight rom-com?

Love Me, My Knight 

Story and art: Kaoru Tada 

love me my knight manga volume one cover
© Kaoru Tada


Yakko’s an extremely normal girl who helps out at her parents’ okonomiyaki restaurant where she encounters a wide range of interesting people. One of her regulars, Sammy, shows interest in her and confesses his love but she has her eye on his bad boy best friend and the lead singer of their rock band, Goh.

Will she stay a good girl or will she choose to go down the path of rock’n roll?


Story and art: Sanba Maekawa 

hachi ritsu manga volume one cover
© Sanba Maekawa


Hachi & Ritsu were childhood friends who grew up in the countryside doing everything together despite their vastly different backgrounds. Hachi begins viewing Ritsu in a different light and, plagued by thoughts he deems impure, runs away from his beloved Ritsu.

Can Ritsu confront his friend and learn the real reason why he ran away all those years ago? 

Another Love Story Between My Trainee and I

Story and art: Nanameguri

another love story between my trainee and I volume one cover
© Nanameguri

The sequel to A Love Story Between My Boss and I


As Takanashi and Tokunaga are enjoying their romantic relationship in the office and outside of the office, a drastic change causes emotions to rise. The company transfers Takanashi to another department and though he tries to remain optimistic, his mind begins to race about his relationship.

Can they overcome this test of their love, or will their relationship come to an end?

The Mermaid Prince 

Story and art: Yuana Kazumi 

the mermaid prince manga volume one cover
© Yuana Kazumi


The beautiful mermaid I fell in love with became human but when she transformed she became… a man? 

Manato Koganei, a part-time worker on the brink of despair meets a beautiful mermaid shining in the moonlit night?! She says she wants to “become human and fall in love”, and is successfully reborn as a very beautiful man. Manato tangles with his own feelings for his former mermaid, now human companion while also trying to help him navigate human culture.

Will they fall in love or will their love sink to the bottom of the ocean?

Flower Demon Door of the Sakaimeya 

Story and art: Mako Oikawa 

flower demon door of the sakaimeya volume one cover
© Mako Oikawa


“To all the yokai, I am here to make sure you live peacefully together with the humans.”

Minoru Hanabusa is in charge of teaching the yokai that enter the human world how to live peacefully alongside humans. Join him as he teaches yokai how to use their unique abilities and interests to build a meaningful life in the human world in this feel-good manga about what it truly means to be human. 

Gourmet Glutton 

Story and art: Shigeru Tsuchiyama 

gourmet glutton volume one cover
© Shigeru Tsuchiyama


Mantaro Ohara is an ordinary salaryman with an above average appetite and a love for good food until he meets professional competitive eater, George Hunter, who introduces him to the world of competitive eating. Will this unexpected “dark horse” be able to escape the fiercely competitive world of eating or will he devour his competition and make a name for himself?

Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant

Story and art: Betty Nanasato 

ekikoi manga volume one cover
© Betty Nanasato


After a harrowing encounter on the station platform, Botan, an innocent high schooler, falls in love with Koganei, the handsome station attendant who helped her that fateful day. Kogane’s well-liked by everyone at the station and his popularity makes Botan frantic. She has to confess before someone else does!

Will her confession go the way she planned? Why does Kogane seem so different from his usual self? Botan! Don’t get fooled by his appearance!


Story and art: E.B.D (Education Bureau Director) 

summerless volume one cover
© E.B.D (Education Bureau Director)


People can breathe in the sullied air of the world only with stix, a device powered by human limbs. Tonika, a rich nobleman, falls from grace when his father’s plan to take over the government fails. Now poor and unable to afford the limbs needed to power his stix, Tonika faces the challenge of learning how to live on the other side of the class pyramid.


  • Country Called America
  • Sammy and Onokoro
  • Ninja Rookie
  • The Night of No Return
  • The Princess’ Circumstances
  • Memories of the Sand
  • Playboy
  • Interplanetary Intercourse

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