Attack On Titan Ending Explained: Modern Era’s Greatest Anime Finale

Attack On Titan Ending Explained: Modern Era’s Greatest Anime Finale

Attack on Titan ending explained

Disclaimer: This article contains the spoilers from Attack on Titan Final Episode hence, it’s suggested to watch the series finale first.

Hajime Isayama’s decade-long series “Attack on Titan” has officially concluded with the release of the final anime episode. Thanks to the efforts and contribution of the production committee at both Studio WIT and Mappa, a generation-defining anime came to an end. The show has bid adieu, leaving fans stranded with unsettling Attack on Titan ending.

The anime television series Attack on Titan debuted in 2013 on NHK TV under the production staff of Studio WIT. Over the past ten years, the series witnessed several ups and downs while it kept entertaining fans around the world through its unpredictable plot twists and fluid action sequences.

To make this remarkable journey memorable and worthwhile, Studio Mappa has given Attack On Titan a very heart-wrenching and classy ending to mark the end of an era. Thus, without further ado, let’s break down the series finale while trying to understand the meaning behind the ending of Attack on Titan.

Battle Of Heaven and Earth

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The first part sees the continued retaliation of the Survey Corps against Eren’s founding Titan in an attempt to stop the rumbling. After a serious discussion, Armin decides to bomb the entire carcass of founding Titan which is backed by all the members present out there. But, their plan is interrupted by Ymir.

What seemed to be an easy task became difficult with the rise of Ymir’s subjects i.e. resurrection of all the former Titan shifters through the ages. The battle took a thrilling turn and with the exit of Armin from the scene it came down to Ackerman’s and Reiner’s team to turn the tides in their favor.

A Long Dream

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The second part begins with the wake-up call of Armin who’s taken away by Ymir amidst the ongoing counterattack. Somehow, he enters the Eldian’s path where he meets Zeke. The two greet each other and Zeke breaks the ice by reciting the dawn of Eldian history and the “origin of life” that led to the existence of Titans.

As soon as they stop talking, Zeke comes to realize the value of humanity’s survival and agrees to help Armin so that together they can stop Eren’s rampage. Taking the help of the Eldians present in the path, the two come above the surface allowing Levi to execute Zeke and others to control the damage caused by former Titans.

Toward the Tree on that Hill

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The final part takes a memory back in the lane where Eren is having a conversation with Armin about the atrocities he did to ensure that no one would attack Paradis anymore. It’s here Eren reveals founder Ymir’s plan of selecting Mikasa who could free her from the pain of love.

Eren then admits to wiping out 80% of the world population to know about Ymir’s intentions and afterward confesses his feelings for Mikasa. When the scene shifts to the battleground, it becomes clear that the choice Eren made was to erase the Titans from the world freeing the Eldians from the curse.

With the stoppage of rumbling and Eren’s demise, Mikasa comes forward holding the decapitated head of Eren in her hands. Annie, Reiner, and the others cry over his death while questioning the foolishness of Eren meanwhile, Levi reminiscences his comrades and bids them adieu with his farewell words, “Shinzou wo Sasageyo”.

Ruins Of Paradis After War

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Attack on Titan final episode takes a three-year leap after the “Battle of Heaven and Earth” which first sees Historia holding her child. Paradis Island forms an army under the banner of the Jaeger Faction as they strengthen their military forces to stand strong against the forces on the other side of the ocean.

Reiner, Armin, Pieck, Jean, and others go to attend a World level meeting with the top officials to sign a peace of treaty among the allied nations and the nation of Eldia. They come out as the heroes of war who saved humanity from the destructive ideology of Eren.

At the end, Mikasa is seen sitting beside the grave of Eren beneath a tree where it all started. The scene then culminates with a bird (embodies Eren) wrapping the scarf around her neck. The slideshow at the end perfectly sums up the series with Mikasa’s burial beside Eren’s deathbed and a “mysterious” boy’s venture into the age of restoration once again.

Final Words

Attack On Titan ending has left many emotional as it’s hard to say goodbye to this modern masterpiece. Studio MAPPA has done a great job in the coloring of the scenes which provides a stark contrast, giving a momentous end to the series. The return of Linked Horizon for the final opening has added more to its charm.

The child in the final scene being accompanied by a dog, unlike Ymir who gets chased by dogs might be the best scene from the series finale as it justifies Eren’s self-sacrifice to free humanity of the Eldian curse. All it comes down to one thing which is the fact that the timeless impact of Attack on Titan will never be forgotten.

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