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8 new mobile games you should check out this week


Welcome to Portland? Portlandia? Well, whatever you want to call it, a quick glance at the new mobile games hitting the app stores this week tells you right away that ports from other platforms are hot even as the weather turns cold.

Add in titles that are new just for mobile and we’ve got a nice variety of new titles that should scratch every mobile gaming itch you’ve recently received, all without lotions or seeing a doctor. Here are eight of our best bets for this week.

FEZ Pocket Edition

Fez Pocket Edition

It’s tough to think of too many more influential puzzle-platformers during this decade, and now it’s finally arrived on mobile. Help Gomez explore the wonders of 3D in 2D, and if you’ve played it before, you know exactly what we mean. Highly recommended.

Playdead’s INSIDE


Okay, so this is a pretty well-known puzzle-platformer too, also well-regarded and released on mobile on the same week. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. It’s from the people who gave you LIMBO and is stylishly gorgeous, which is pretty much all you need to know.



Gorogoa bills itself as “an ingenious, perfectly crafted puzzler,” and who are we to argue? With incredible hand-drawn art that is a critical part of the game, you literally haven’t seen anything exactly like this.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

Episodic, decision-driven stories are kind of Telltale’s bag, but Square Enix did it too a few years ago with this game. It’s now made it to mobile, complete with the cool and “would be helpful in real life” mechanic that allows you to rewind time so you can help max save Chloe.


Ace Attorney Investigations

Hey, another port! This time it’s the adventures of Miles Edgeworth, who leaves the courtroom and gets his hands dirty actually investigating (hence the title) crime scenes. Use the Logic system to bring criminals to justice, and enjoy the usual Ace Attorney personalities while you do it.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

Also a port, but not really since the devs say it’s a “ground-up remake” of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, which is 20 years old if you can believe that. Enjoy feeling your age as you dive into touchscreen controls or take advantage of controller support and marvel at the new graphics.

Dream Town Story

Dream Town Story

Are Kairosoft games something of an acquired taste? Maybe so, but they sure are a popular one. Dream Town Story brings the studio’s formula to city-building, complete with a co-op mode. Could be the builder you’ve been dreaming of, pun definitely intended unless you cringe too hard.

Like a Boss!

like a boss screenshot 1

Let’s end this week’s list with an RPG, because that just feels right. This one flips the script by making you the boss of the dungeons that are being raided by pesky adventurers. Don’t let them win just because they always do in other games. Level up, craft your gear and lead your minions to glory.

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