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8 New Mobile Games You Should Be Playing This Week

Hey there. Not sure if you’ve noticed this or not, but July ended and August began. Pretty soon it’ll be back to school and no time for mobile games.

We kid, of course! There’s always time for mobile games, regardless of whether we’re supposed to be out doing all this back to school shopping we’re always hearing about. Do the kids really need new lunchboxes?

The old ones will probably do just fine. Worry about that some other time, download some new mobile games and relax. Maybe one of these eight that we’ve picked out as potential gems for this week.

Miracle Merchant

screen696x6961 33

If you’re familiar with Tinytouchtales’ previous work, like Card Crawl and Card Thief, you should at least be psyched to see what’s up with this game, which doesn’t even have the word “card” in its name and yet clearly has them in it. This time you take on the role of a master alchemist who’s got to make the very best potions possible from an entertaining selection of ingredients. It also looks great thanks to a distinctive visual style. What’s not to like? We don’t know yet, but we’d guess it’s not much.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?!

screen520x9241 1 12

You probably think you’ve run every kind of business there is to run thanks to the nearly inexhaustible supply of management sims out there. But have you ever managed a weapons shop? Probably not, unless you’re hand-crafting katanas in real life or something. And if so, that’s awesome! For the rest of us, this is a chance to prove to everyone that potatoes can forge the very finest weapons around, in case anyone was doubting that. Also cheaper on mobile than on PC if that matters to you.

Questy Quest

screen696x6961 1 12

The name suggests a silly take on the usual fantasy RPG trappings, and that’s exactly what Questy Quest appears it will deliver. Time your attacks just right to defeat enemies, unlock and upgrade all kinds of gear to help you quest even more, and don’t take any of it too seriously. Because you know we’re all guilty of that more often than we’d probably care to admit.

Bacon May Die

screen520x9241 2 12

Bacon may also be eaten, instantly making any dish it appears in more delicious (and more deadly, amirite cardiologists?). Forget all that, though, because here you’re trying to prevent a pig from becoming bacon in the first place, helping it clobber zombie bunnies(!) and other enemies in classic beat ’em up style and slowing time to shoot them too. Fine, little piggie, guess we won’t eat you. For now …

Disc Golf to Go

screen696x6961 3 12

Disc golf is actually a pretty cool idea for those of us who find standard golf too boring and/or frustrating, but playing it means doing unpleasantly sweaty things like walking and throwing. You could pull a muscle or something doing that, so Disc Golf to Go seems a reasonable compromise. A total of 40 levels and 20 different discs to unlock promises some good replay value, and you can play by yourself offline with no ads, which is nice and increasingly rare.


screen696x6961 4 12

UOVO calls this game the cousin to its previous title Shades, and while we were unaware that mobile games even had the same familial connections as humans, we’re open-minded enough to accept that. Game design certainly doesn’t get more minimalist than this, which looks like it could have been played on the prehistoric ancestors of today’s gaming platforms. Shoot blocks up to form matches with the same colors before the blocks reach the bottom and try to chill out while doing so even though it sounds like things could get frantic at times.


screen696x6961 2 12

Just learned a new German curse word? Sadly, no, because the title of this game really refers to shadows or shadow play. Fittingly, then, the App Store write-up says the gameplay revolves around “the art of light and shadow,” with your goal to arrange lights and blocks properly so that each level ends up creating a new piece of art. Sounds kind of high culture to us, which isn’t normally our thing, but the design looks tight and the concept is intriguing.

Egglia: Legend of the Redcap

screen520x9241 31

Created by what DMM.com can justifiably claim is an all-star team of RPG developers like Shinichi Kameoka and Koji Tsuda, Egglia is also unfailingly polite, asking you to please read its notes before purchasing. That’s the kind of consideration you just don’t see in the app stores too often. The titular world of Egglia has to be revived from — you guessed, it — eggs, and you can help by mastering the dice-based control system and strategic elements. There’s also a town builder element involved, so a lot to seek your teeth into. Just watch out for bits of shell.

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