5 big new mobile games to consider this week, including Asphalt 9


Look, we all love great indie games and the fact that there are so many of them on mobile. No one appreciates that more than we do here at Gamezebo. That said, sometimes you just have to enjoy the times when the big franchises and IPs come out to play, and this week’s batch of new mobile games is one of those times.

We’ll start with the latest Asphalt game, which has been percolating for a while. There are plenty of racing games out there for phones and tablets, but few that relish in the sheer joy and absurdity of arcade-style driving like this series, so the new game is a must try for us.

Don’t like racing? There’s a new Shin Megami Tensei title if your tastes run more JRPG, and there’s a brand spanking new CCG set in the ever popular Warhammer 40K universe that we can’t wait to try. Thank you, big boys, for being you for this week.

Here’s more on the new mobile games, big and small, that caught our attention this time out.

Asphalt 9: Legends

All you really need to do is to tell us that it’s a new Asphalt game and you’ve already made it halfway to convincing us to check it out. We had a chance to try it out at E3 back in June, and besides the amazingly rendered cars and tracks, the new Touchdrive system should make even casual racing fans want to try out a few races. The car selection is excellent too, topped off by some really exclusive supercars. Get ready to drop the pedal and go for broke in the most ridiculous-in-a-good-way fashion.

Shin Megami Tensei Dx2

Yes, this series is kind of insular in a way that is very Japanese, but it also has tons of fans. Maybe one of them can tell us what’s up with the naming conventions of this particular title, as in which order the words are supposed to go and whether ‘Liberation’ is actually part of it or not. Anyway, this appears to be JRPG action as you like it, complete with summoning and fusing demons and such. It was already a No. 1 hit in Japan, so take that for what you will.

The Horus Heresy: Legions


Just when you think the Warhammer 40K setting has been explored in every possible fashion (occasionally in most excellent fashion), another game comes along in a genre that makes you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” A CCG based on the IP just seems so right for some reason, and the fact that it focuses on one of the more interesting periods in the lore is an added bonus. Plus, we’re firm believers you can never have too many card games in your life, so …

MapleStory M


You could make a case that the MapleStory games aren’t quite as well-known as the other games we have on this list so far, and we probably wouldn’t even argue with you. That said, if you are a fan, you already have some expectation of the kind of art style you’re getting here. As for the gameplay, we’d submit that mobile has pretty much taken over the MMORPG space that was once the exclusive domain of the PC crowd, so if that’s your jam, you probably want to check this out.


Hey, when we do themes for these weekly lists, there’s nothing that says we have to stick to them the whole way through. It gets hard coming up with them every time out all year long, you know? Anyway, Amethlion has a decidedly compelling old school feel to its graphics and sensibility, and we fell in love with the hard rock trailer music. You open world fans should be jazzed about the crafting and exploring possibilities.

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