10 Best New Shonen Manga that you should read in 2023

2023 has begun, and with each new year comes a fresh slate of amazing shonen manga. Shonen manga is the most highly consumed genre in manga, and this year looks to be packed with lots of great new titles. So in this post, we’ll be looking at 10 new shonen manga that are worth checking out in 2023.

Top 10 New Shonen Manga to read in 2023:

1. Dandadan


Dandadan manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Tatsu Yukinobu
  • Status: Ongoing


Dandadan is one of the most bizarre manga you will ever read that will take you on a wild and unpredictable ride. Reading this manga will remind many of you of Chainsaw man which is no surprise since Tatsu Yukinobu the author of Dandadan used to work as an assistant for Tatsumaki Fujimoto.

The story revolves around two eccentric high schoolers, Momo Ayase and Okarun, who are fixated on their respective paranormal beliefs. Momo believes in ghosts while Okarun is a firm believer in aliens. When the two get into an argument over which is real, they decide to visit locations associated with both the occult and the supernatural to prove each other wrong.

Turns out that neither of them was wrong and that both the aliens and ghosts do exist. With its mix of sci-fi, supernatural, and surreal elements, Dandadan is a manga that will keep you guessing at every turn. Follow Momo and Okarun on their wacky and unpredictable journey as they navigate the strange and mysterious world around them.

2. Oshi No Ko


oshi no ko manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Akasaka Aka,Yokoyari Mengo
  • Status: Ongoing


Oshi no Ko is a highly acclaimed manga by Akasaka Aka, the renowned author of the romantic comedy series Kaguya-sama, featuring gorgeous artwork by Yokoyari Mengo. The story begins with Ai Hoshino, a talented and beloved 16-year-old idol who is loved by her fans for her beautiful voice and stunning appearance.

Ai’s life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes pregnant with twins, which is considered taboo in the idol industry. Despite the risks, Ai is determined to give birth to her children and seeks the help of Goro Amemiya, a skilled gynaecologist living in the countryside who happens to be her biggest fan.

Goro agrees to help Ai with her prenatal care, but tragedy strikes on the night of her delivery when he is attacked and killed. However, Goro wakes up to find himself reincarnated as Ai’s son, Aquamarine Hoshino.

As Aquamarine, Goro discovers the harsh reality of the entertainment industry, where talent alone is not enough to guarantee success, and many secrets are hidden beneath the glamorous exterior. The manga offers a unique perspective on the world of showbiz and explores themes of motherhood, love, and ambition.

3. Choujin X


Choujin X manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Sui Ishida
  • Status: Ongoing


Choujin X is the latest manga series created by Sui Ishida, the acclaimed creator of Tokyo Ghoul.

Similar to his previous series, Choijin X follows a new type of meta-human called Choijins, supernatural beings with incomprehensible powers beyond mere mortals. The story follows Tokio and Azuma, two childhood friends with a strong moral compass who spends their time fighting the injustice that plagues their town.

Despite their shared goals, Azuma is the physically capable one and usually handles the physical aspect of their endeavours. Meanwhile, Tokio’s lack of physical prowess often leaves him at a disadvantage during their fights against common thugs.

However, everything changes when a vengeful thug who was previously defeated by the pair returns with Choujin modifications. With no option left the duo is forced to inject themselves with a drug that can turn someone into a Choujin. While the dose seemingly has no physical effect on Azuma, Tokio’s appearance transforms into a bird-like creature, complete with a beak. Tokio must now figure out to control his new powers while hiding his new identity as a Choujin.

Choujin X is an exciting new addition to Sui Ishida’s repertoire, filled with action, intrigue, and the supernatural powers of the Choujin.

4. Akane Banashi


Akane Banashi manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Moue Takamasa, Yuki Suenaga
  • Status: Ongoing


Akane Banashi has been one of the unexpected hits for Shonen Jump magazine this year, particularly since it revolves around the niche subject of Rakugo, which has had limited exposure in the Western world. The series has received praise from industry legends such as One Piece creator Eichiro Oda and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno.

The story follows Akane, who loves to watch her father Tooru’s Rakugo performances and spends hours watching and mimicking his work while peeking behind a door. She is heartbroken when she finds out that her father has been expelled from the Rakugo school by senior Rakugo master Issho Arakawa without any explanation. This causes him to give up on Rakugo entirely and settle for a regular job.

Six years later, the teenage girl begins her Rakugo journey to seek vengeance against the man who refused to see the genius behind her father’s Rakugo, while also aiming to reach the highest rank in Rakugo.

5. The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins


The Ichinose Family's Deadly Sins manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Taizan 5
  • Status: Ongoing


“Ichinose-ke no Taizai” is a new drama manga series from the creator of “Takopi’s Original Sin”. The story begins with middle schooler Tsubasa Ichinose waking up in a hospital bed surrounded by unfamiliar faces. He soon discovers that these people are actually his family members, and shockingly, all of them have lost their memories due to a car accident.

As they return home from the hospital, they are confronted with a dark truth that they never saw coming.

6. Satsudou


Satsudou manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Yukinaga Chicchi, Nadai Nishi
  • Status: Ongoing


If you’re a fan of martial arts manga, then “Satsudou” is a new series that will instantly hook you. The story follows Akamori Mitsuo, who appears to be your average salaryman with an airheaded personality. However, he is actually a genius murderer hailing from a family that has been practising the ancient art of killing people. Since a young age, he has killed over 1000 mafias and masters, but Mitsuo wants to leave his past behind and live a normal life.

Unfortunately, Mitsuo’s life is turned upside down when a video of him beating up a group of thugs goes viral. As a result, he is confronted by, multiple gangs, fighters, and Yakuza seeking revenge against him putting his newfound peaceful life in jeopardy.

7. Versus


VERSUS manga summary

    • Author and Artist: ONE, Azuma Kyoutarou
  • Status: Ongoing


“Versus” is an isekai parody manga from ONE, the genius behind popular series such as “Mob Psycho 100” and “One Punch Man”. The story takes place in a fantasy world where humanity has been oppressed for centuries under the terror of the Great Demon Lord and his minions. In an effort to combat this oppression, mages create a powerful summoning circle to bring forth a group of humans from another world with a different history to aid them in their fight against the demons.

The spell is successful, and a group of humans wearing metal armour and wielding guns emerge from the portal, instantly defeating the demon hordes. However, while the summoning appears to be a success, the world they have brought to the fantasy realm is also on the brink of extinction due to an AI apocalypse.

8. Gokurakugai


Gokurakugai manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Sano Yuto
  • Status: Ongoing


Gokurakugai follows the daily lives of Tao and Alma, a pair of troubleshooters who run the Gokuraku Troubleshooter’s Office in the red-light district. Their business aims to solve any problem as long as it pays well. Their services range from taking down scandals to helping beastmen, to even taking down monsters like calamities. These demons are made up of human bodies and animals that enjoy hunting humans.

Now Alma. who is a half-calamity and half-human, is working hard with Elder Sister Tao to take down as many calamities as he can so he can begin living a normal life as a human.

9. Wind Breaker


Wind Breaker manga summary

  • Author and Artist: Nii Satoru
  • Status: Ongoing


Wind Breaker is a series perfect for you if you are a fan of Tokyo Revenger. This is the legend of how delinquent Sakura rises to become a hero! Fuurin High is known for having the lowest test scores, and the strongest fighters. This spring, Sakura Haruka decides to aim for the top of Fuurin and learns of the alias Fuurin High holds, namely ‘Boufuurin’, acting as a protective shield for the town and its inhabitants. Sakura joins this group as a member, and his battle to protect the town begins!

10. Go Go Loser Ranger (Ranger Reject)


Go Go Loser Ranger (Ranger Reject) manga summary

    • Author and Artist: Haruba Negi 
  • Status: Ongoing


13 years ago, a giant floating fortress appeared 10 kilometres in the sky, and an evil army called “Kaijin” started attacking humanity. The Kaijin have regenerative powers, so they are effectively immortal and pose a real threat to humanity. A new organization called Ryujin Sentai Dragon Keeper featuring people with mysterious powers and weapons called Jingu continue to fight against the Kaijin to this very day.


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